ICOM North America, LLC opens North American HQ in New Hudson, MI

ICOM North America news

October 13, 2008

2008 Saturn VUE Greenline Hybrid utilizes Icom of Italy’s JTG Technology

ICOM North America, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of its new North American headquarters and assembly plant in New Hudson, Michigan.

ICOM North America assembles the ICOM JTG LPG system for the North American market to incorporate local componentry and best utilize the large skilled local labor force. Propane/LPG is an alternative fuel coming from over 90% US and Canadian sources.

The ICOM JTG LPG system and components are used by CleanFUEL USA for their LPI GM and BlueBird school bus systems, using CleanFUEL USA’s proprietary calibrations, and by Roush with their unique strategies and developments for the F-150 propane pickup.

Compared with traditional gasoline vehicles, those utilizing the ICOM JTG LPG system have equal drivability & performance and have equal or greater power and torque. There are currently over 1,500 new vehicles in the USA using the ICOM JTG system and over 80,000 in Europe and Australia.

ICOM North America is an Oakland County Emerging Sector company. The State of Michigan’s MEDC and Oakland County’s development office worked closely with ICOM North America to help make ICOM’s transition to Michigan smooth. Michigan is positioning itself to be the dynamic Green Belt industry state. The Green Belt is Michigan’s initiative to become the alternative fuel’s hotspot of North America.

Both the ICOM JTG system and ICOM Toroidal LPG Tank have worldwide patents.